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For many years prior to 2011, three different soccer clubs existed within Tippecanoe county. Two were travel clubs and one was a recreational, or “rec” club. The travel clubs were Tippecanoe Soccer Club and Little Mavs. The rec club was known as Greater Lafayette Recreational Soccer Alliance (GLRSA).

All three clubs were very successful, but they began to have conversations on what it would look like if all the youth soccer in the local area fell under one single club. The three different boards each had a great passion for the sport and a great passion for wanting to make the sport better for the youth in Lafayette, West Lafayette and all the surrounding communities.

In 2011, Little Mavs and GLRSA began the process of merging the three clubs into a single entity. Little Mavs became known as GLRSA United and GLRSA changed the “R” from Recreational to Regional. Both board of directors merged into one with great success.

Then came along the merger with the Tippecanoe Soccer Club in 2015. The travel portion of the new club became known as Boilers FC to help give some identity to where the travel teams are from as they played throughout the state of Indiana. GLRSA continues to be known as Greater Lafayette Regional Soccer Alliance

Both portions of the club continue to perform well and continue to look for ways to grow the sport of soccer bigger and better for the youth in our community. The rec side of the club averages about 2,000 kids per season and the travel side of the club averages about 350 kids per season.

Greater Lafayette Regional Soccer Alliance

Boilers FC are proud partners with the Greater Lafayette Regional Soccer Alliance, or more commonly referred to as GLRSA. GLRSA offers excellent soccer opportunities to youth of all ages while requiring a slightly less commitment. Between Boilers FC and GLRSA we are sure every individual can find an opportunity to meet their soccer dreams. Click here for more information on GLRSA.

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